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This new LaFerrari category of watches has been created by Hublot based on the LaFerrari sports car. Not only they are based on the sport car, but the Hublot brand has made a collaboration with The carmaker to develop this new luxury watches.

As you can see, the more obvious prove of this collaboration is that the Ferrari logo is included in many of this timepeaces.

This set of watches have a very futuristic design, taking the design to an edge by making the mechanical part of the watch as visible as the time itself. While some watches allow you to see some mechanical parts, the LaFerrari design has taken this concept to a whole new level by bringing the entire machinery to the front of the watch and almost leaving the time indicators in a second level.

Another important feature we can not ignore on this watch is the power reserve. In fact, the power reserve is so high that it the longest in the world. The genuine Hublot LaFerrari MP-05 comes with a power reserve of 50 days. Watches usually come with a power reserve of about 2-3 days which is more than enough so the watch does not stop while in use. There are some Panerai that come with a 8-10 day power but the 50 day power reserve is certainly a new world record.

The watches we have available can be divided in three groups:

Titanium Case and Titanium Bezel

There are three watches available, one in Yellow, another one in red and another in green.

Rose Gold

There are also three watches available on this group, with yellow, red and green.

Black PVD

And finally another three watches available also in yellow, red and green.